Reliability and performance in software tools

I share my mental models on performance and reliability and why they are essential for building great software tools.


First impressions of Warp terminal

I share my initial thoughts on the Warp terminal covering the initial setup, performance, and other cool features in Warp.


Less Twitter, more building

Twitter can be a great tool for connecting with people but it also can ruin your productivity. I talk about my recent challenges with using Twitter.


How to approach tech interviews

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a while and promised myself a couple of months ago that after landing a new job, I’d finally sit down one weekend and write down everything I know about tech interviews and how I prepare for them.


Farewell Buffer

After four and a half years working at Buffer, I will be moving on to a new opportunity. Next month, I'm joining Netflix to work on developer productivity and tooling.

personal, rit

My alumni speech for RIT's CS graduation event

This year I was invited by RIT Computer Science department to give a speech as an alumnus. This was a great opportunity to reflect on how the school contributed to my personal and professional life.

notes, personal

Doing one thing but doing it well

Now that I’ve decided to share more of my half-baked notes, it’s become much easier to write and publish new things. I feel less pressured because I can write about anything that’s in my head. I enjoy the note-sharing process because it’s more authentic and it connects me with readers.


Learning how to learn as a programmer

Learning new things is exciting. However, knowing what to learn is hard, and the abundance of choices doesn’t help.


Working for someone vs. doing your own thing

I wanted to write about this subject for quite some time and only today decided to finally sit down with no distractions. I put my phone aside and tuned on Spotify’s “focus” playlist. I’ve finally collected my thoughts together. This is a topic that is very close to my heart. It feels like a brain bug that’s been bothering me and forcing me to ponder.

Technical, Personal

Becoming a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

I’ve recently switched careers, from being a product engineer to a site reliability engineer (SRE). I’ve become Buffer’s first SRE this year and learned a lot from my experience. I want to share everything I’ve learned along the way, as well as the challenges I faced.